Tuesday, 10 June 2008

The Gherkin and Lloyds

"The building that brought central London into the modern era of avant garde skyscrapers didn't come without controversy. Officially known as 30 St. Mary Axe, this building has been lovingly described as a lighthouse of 21st century architecture, and mocked as the "gherkin." When the Swiss Re insurance company commissioned the building, it intended it to be a landmark.

The building is stunning in appearance -- a festival of dark and light glass with spandrels serving as streamers circling it like an Olympic dancer. Rectangular glass panes are forsaken for triangles and diamonds, and with each floor offset from the one below by five degrees, the building appears to work itself into a spiral like a pile of clay on a potter's wheel.

The result is stunning and smooth. Even though the building appears round, the glass facade is actually all made of flat panels. The only curved piece of glass is the lens that tops the structure."


Buildings are a favourite because they don't move while trying to photogragh them. So, I take my time setting up my tripod and camera to capture a special shot. I don't show many photos of the Lloyds building, its on the left of the above picture.

The rate of new buildings springing up in the city centre is overwhelming. Its nice to see the difference in architectual design that a few centuries make.

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Sam said...

Hey, like your new look - very stylish!!!
Your shots are great!
Keep up the good work.