Sunday, 7 February 2010

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

If you're planning a day out in London then may I suggest a visit to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition housed in the Natural History Museum. Alongside the winners, runner's-up and highly commended images is a slide show of previous years images with music and sounds that adds to the emotional effect while viewing the photographs. The tickets are pricey but it makes it all the worthwhile. Getting there early to beat the crowds is a good idea as the viewing area does get cramped and moving around the gallery gets a bit frustrating after a while. 

The Ten years and under exhibition is quite impressive especially the other junior presentations. To see that youngsters are able to take photographs of that standard is really remarkable. Choosing my favourite image out of the high calibre was not easy and after some thought I chose the highly commended Lone Lion by Britta Jaschinski.  The black and white image is far more 'arty' that the others in the same category giving the impression that the image was painted rather than photographed. 

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