Thursday, 10 February 2011

Karnak Temple

Karnak being the largest complex of temples in the world is a marvel of sights and one could easily spend hours wondering around. Saying that, I spent a whole day at Karnak testing my photography skills and trying new ones too. First entering the labyrinth armed with a wide angle lens shooting the corridors, chambers and huge pillars then exiting with a zoom to shoot more detailed images. 

 Here are a few images that I think could win numerous awards( its good to be positive):

Avenue of ram-headed sphinxes

Once joined with the avenue of sphinxes at Luxor Temple the avenue was 2, 700 meters long.

Ram-headed sphinxes inside the festival temple of Amenhotep II

Towering columns inside the Great Hypostyle Hall

Tour guide waiting for baksheesh

One of the many chambers

Statue of Ramsses II

Hieroglyphics and argun palm trees

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