Friday, 4 February 2011

Luxor, Egypt

Luxor's temples are mesmerizing and the streets in Luxor are much cleaner than in Cairo. Horse drawn calesh tussle with motor vehicles for a place in the streets. Little plots of land in between old and newly unfinished buildings are used to grow vegetables, larger sugar cane plantations on the outskirts. Downtown, hotels and souvenir shops line the streets and alley ways dedicated to entice tourists for a closer look at the souvenirs and to relax while smoking a shisha at a coffee shop. Uncountable minarets rise up from mosques to pepper the skyline while chants are heard from megaphones. From the east bank to the west bank, Luxor is possibly my favourite city in Egypt.

Avenue of Sphinxes at Luxor Temple  towards Karnak

The entrance to Luxor Temple and a defaced Ramesses II statue

One  of the many minarets

Another statue of Ramesses II on the left side of the entrance to Luxor temple

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