Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Driving out of Cairo city southwards we leave the smog and dirt behind and after forty minutes we enter Saqqara village, passing by numerous carpet schools where children learn to make reversible carpets.

The car park for Saqqara burial grounds is on higher ground than the village just below. As we exit the taxi we see a girl climbing a palm tree as if she smelt tourist in the air. She notices my camera and starts posing luring me to take photos. After a few shots I give her baksheesh and she immediately disappears back down to the shacks below.

Saqqara is not very well known among tourists and the site is less busy than Giza making it my favourite in Cairo.

Two men wait outside the temple complex to check tickets and offer their services as tour

The frieze of cobras on top of the wall close to the south tomb of Djoser Temple grounds.

Just like in Giza you can ride a camel for a small fee.

Saving the Step Pyramid

The Step Pyramid of Saqqara dates back to over 5 000 years to the reign of King Djosier.

Being the first pyramid to be build from stone Imhotep, King Djoser's architect, designed it to last for centuries. Being older than the pyramids of Giza time has taken its toll on the Step Pyramid. In 2008 restoration work began to save it for future generations.

This man( I forgot his name) was happy to take photos of me with his "colleagues" and also to pose for me for a small fee(baksheesh).

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